Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have been waiting for a label and release announcement from S.C.U.M since 2008. While The Horrors and Beak> and the like came out with their atmospheric gothic dirge releases, S.C.U.M really floored me with their textures and sounds more than the rest. But then, radio silence. They posted random dates and some signs of life, but nothing official and nothing to make me think that they would actually release anything. The I got news from Mute:

"With a highly anticipated debut album due out late summer, the London based band S.C.U.M has signed to Mute. As a preview, the band is releasing a new track “Summon The Sound” which is featured on Mute’s exclusive Record Store Day vinyl release, Vorwärts."

Finally confirmation that I am not the only person who found this band exciting. So a new song, news of a debut release and hopefully some touring thereafter should see if they can live up to their potential or if I was led astray by the moody lighting and prevailing sense of death. I am a sucker for a prevailing sense of death.

Check out the new song "Summon The Sound"
S.C.U.M - Summon The Sound by Mute UK

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