Monday, June 04, 2007

Pigeon Detectives

So I don't know much about these guys yet, but I'll be seeing them in a couple of weeks with The Rakes (so great live) and the Happy Mondays (I'm expecting a trainwreck of immense proportions), so I will report back thereafter. But for now, here's the Pigeon Detectives, yet another very young British band with a totally pants name.

If you dug the Kooks or the Fratellis, you'll probably dig this track. I still don't know if it has enough to stay as a fave, but it is damn catchy. And a little bit of growth and unique personality may make a difference. But we'll see. The single though is a bit of an earworm. So listen to it once, and see how it ends up in your head for the rest of the day. "Romantic Type" gets a 7.5.

Pigeon Detectives- Romantic Type

And for more songs check out their My Space page.