Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Scream Team

One of my favorite bands of all time is Primal Scream. Their records aren't usually 10s, but they alwas have killer tracks on every record. Like the Clash, they give you dancability, politics, rock, and usually some killer remixes as well. This time out, they have to some extent returned to the Give Up , But Don't Give Out School of UK blues a la the Rolling Stones. But don't let that press talk make you think that this is just a rehash. There are visceral rock tracks on here as well, much like the last 2 PRML SCRM records. It's not groundbreaking, but even bad SCRM records are better than most, and Riot City Blues gets a strong 8.

Here's the single and my fave track:

Primal Scream- Country Girl
Primal Scream- 99th Floor

While you're at it, check the new video as well. It slays:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death to false metal

I saw Priestess at SXSW this year. What I loved about them was that, at the same time as bands like Wolfmother and the like, these guys actually get it right. Sure the 12-minute drum solo might be seen as trying too hard. But they actually just rock hard, without much flourish. The look is just like that guy at your high school who had a different Metallica shirt for every day of the month, same stringy greasy black hair, same love for the rock/chicks/beer. No afros, no flute solos, no faux psychedelics, no fakes. It's also not nerd math metal like Isis and other indie metal faves. No equations here, just simple honest rock.

Sometimes a bit AC/DC, sometimes more Zep, but usually a bit harder than both, Priestess's debut, Hello Master, gets a 7. Worth buying if you are itching for some new yet genuine metal.

Priestess- Two Kids

Mylo... sort of

Sometimes there are acts that people love and talk about endlessly, and I just don't "get it." That's how it is with Mylo. I mean I don't dislike his stuff (Drop the Pressure is fun), but it's just not groundbreaking. I mean we all loved Fatboy Slim at one time, so this isn't changing theface of music. It's just fun electronic music, it's fun to dance to and works great in commercials. $$$$$. But his record gets a 5 and for the most part, now the hype hs died, maybe people have realized that. Not slaggin the guy tho, I DJ'd an event with him and he threw down roxy Music's "More than This." Impressive.

But I do love this remix. I dont know much about Amy Winehouse, but this track is great. Fuck Me Pumps (Mylo Remix) get a strong 8. Maybe he should stick to remixes. Seems to be his calling.

Amy Winehouse- Fuck Me Pumps (Mylo Remix)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The talk about Art Brut

I haven't really decided about this band yet. Sometimes I like the tracks for their fun factor, and other times I think they just try too hard. Maybe after a while I will "get it," but i have the feeling II'll probably end up on the other side of the fence on this.

But if you read about British bands, you'll inevitably read about them, so I figured I might as well put it up and let you decide your feelings. I think in the long run I'll give the full record, Bang Bang Rock and Roll, a 5, but this is probably the best track on the record so it gets a 7. If I change my mind on this, I'll let ya know.

Art Brut- Good Weekend

Sunday, June 18, 2006

DFA 1979 + Erol Alkan

Death From Above 1979 has some how found a way to be rock and dance and interesting without becoming a random mometary musical fad. They actually had all the earmarks of a blip on the musical screen:Two member band, drummer and bassist (yeah no guitar) and they are from Canada.
But they have something that others can't seem to muster: actual genuine rock moments. It's the kind of music that makes yous trut when you hear it, and that is always a great sign. Their full record, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, gets a 8.5, and I recommend it especially for particular party/rockin' moods.

DFA 1979- Romantic Rites

Now, in addition to this one, I want to also give you a remix of the above track by a fellow named Erol Alkan. His name has been going around for the last couple of years as the remixer du jour and his Trash party in London is in all the UK rumor rags. It's not ground breaking, he's basicaly just adding some dancier flourishes and the like, but it does make the song groovier. People are going gaga about how his live sets incorporate everything from rock to 80s to minimal techno, but to me its just the same thing everyone in the UK has always been doing (e.g. the Hacienda, Chemical Brothers, Death In Vegas, etc.). Not that those folks are bad, I just don't see how genre mashing is grounbreaking anymore. Fun but not re-inventing the wheel or anything. But I do like some of his remixes. His Romanitc Rites Re-edit gets a 7. It's worth downloading at least.

DFA 1979- Romantic Rites (Erol Alkan Re-Edit)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Talk Tonight!! Whatever!

Just stumbled on this... Obviously I love Oasis. And I of course love Noel's acoustic versions of his songs. But even then, I was kinda bummed when Liam pulled out of theit MTV Unplugged session back in the day.

But upon further review, the night kinda ended up the way it should have, with Noel making jokes about Liam being a twat and playing them his way. Reminds you why the songs are great.

Grab these while you can:

Oasis Unplugged Aug. 1996

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lily Allen

So I am a little late to the blgosphere with this one, but I am pretty sure you guys haven't read about this gal yet. I don't know much about Lily Allen and her Myspace page doesn't help much either. But she's young, she's a Brit and she's got some crazy hooks and loads of sass. Look at that pic and try to not think, "...Sassy!" You can't do it.
Now what makes her different from the likes of Natasha Bedingfield? No idea. except for the fact that the hype and label money didn't come before Llily's buzz. That's about it besides some street cred and some underground fans. Which is not to say that she won't own the 9:15am slot on VH1 everyday this summer, cuz she just might.
No full record yet, and I have only heard these 2 songs and this mixtape. But I give the tracks an 8 and the mix 9.5 (It's a huge file, but it slays.)

Lily Allen- Mixtape 2
Lily Allen- Knock 'Em Out
Lily Allen- LDN

Friday, June 09, 2006

The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster

So their name is impossible to remember, but once you see them live and get the records, they are painfully hard to forget. I will say that EMBD are making music that sounds like no one else right now. And I really don' t think you can say that about too many bands these days. The live experience is amazing and embodies what I always want out of a great rock show. If you can't use the words "possessed by the rock" at least once during a concert, you got ripped off, and 80s Matchbox know this and give you your money's worth everytime.

The sound is part Misfits, with dashes of psychobilly, industrial, punk, hardcore and country dirges. Or say Nick Cave fronting the Revolting Cocks doing Stooges covers. It's not for everyone, but I love them. They have 2 records out in the UK, but of course, no US label. Cuz thats how I do.

Their scores?: The first record, Horse of the Dog gets a 9; the follow up gets an 8. Live show? 11.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster- Celebrate Your Mother
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster- Chicken

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Shadow knows...

The new DJ Shadow record has just recently been turned in to the UK label (according to his website). But before the rest of us get to hear the full monty, Shadow has snuck one track out via the mixtape scene. What's that mean? It means the track is straight up hip hop. Street, fer rills.

A little background: So there's this trend in the Bay Area, and the folks there call it "hyphy." It's being called west coast crunk and it's even had some Lil Jon productions (under a pseudonym) and this new Shadow track as well. Will it be a real trend... we'll see. This track probably gives you a good tip on what it sounds like, though. Hard, crunchy and catchy.

I haven't heard anymore of the new record, The Outsider, but this track alone gets a 9. I hope Shadow is back. This track seems to imply he is.

DJ Shadow- 3 Freaks (featuring Keak the Sneak & Turf Talk)