Monday, February 25, 2008


So when it rains, it pours. Amy Winehouse found a way to hit it big in the US, so now of course all the labels are going to strike it rich again in th aftermath. Plus, I'm sure many folks are trying to find a new one once the old one wears out, and that looks like it may happen any day now.

Duffy is that second chance. And no slight to her, as she does have a great voice and her own schtick as well. Think more Dusty Springfield than Motown. And she has this video:

I love it. Mainly because I am enamored with the idea of the Wigan Casino (youtube that and see what I mean) and all in all the song is well written and fun. Good song (a strong 7) and a fun British rock history checking video (a f'n 9.5) and for now, Duffy you have my attention.

Duffy- Mercy

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


As much as I want to think that I am open to artists changing their sound and maturing, there are some bands that I want to remain in one spot. Supergrass to me should always embody fun and silliness with a catchy sugar pop center. This is not to say that I don't respect their more serious outings, but when it really comes down to it, I go back to I Should Coco way more than Road to Rouen. I can't help it, good for you boys for making serious records, but I want the fun.

With their new single, "Diamond Hoo Ha Man," they show they can still deliver on that front as well. Fun and raucous and oh so rock, which for me is a stellar combination. This track gets an 8.5 and I can't wait to hear the rest of the record.

Supergrass- Diamond Hoo Ha Man

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