Monday, July 09, 2012


I often get very disillusioned with music. And when it comes to disillusionment, dance music as a whole has been #1 in that department more than most. I am, by default, a dance music lover, but it's been a rare treat in the last 5 or so years to find a dance track from any genre that has either made me want to dance or at least think. And if electronic music isn't doing one of those two things, it's failing. But a few months ago, via the Guardian Music Weekly pod (I think), I heard about Rudimental.

Unlike most other electronic music, it seemed that at the heart of their tunes, these guys understood the meaning and soul of dance and electronic music, not just the right programs and tropes. It was musical and groovy with nods to multiple genres. Some tracks are giant, dance floor-filling bangers, while others were perfect genre explorations, be it two-step or d'n'b or just pure and simple house. The key with Rudimental though is that that succeed in these experiments. They seem to neither be mocking nor mimicking the past. Musicians at heart, perhaps this is the difference that allows them to express a deeper sensibility of what dance music should do. They are making these songs and genres truly their own, and it's really paying off. While I was in Scotland a month ago, they hit #1 with the first track here and the future looks bright.

Rudimental- Feel The Love (great video too, filmed in Philly)

And this is my fave track: Rudimental- Spoons

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