Sunday, July 29, 2007


This one goes out particularly to Anthony.

Back in the day, when pop was just starting to devour the whole music world of the 90s, before the umbrella car assaults and the like, one record came out and was quickly forgotten. It was on a major label in he US, had a small radio/video push but fizzled out. "Do You Know What It Takes" by Robyn went by the wayside and came back to eerily haunt us as Mandy Moore's first hit, "Candy." (That's just speculation on my part, but I always thought they had lots of similarities.)

Well Sweden's Robyn didn't go away, we just don't get to hear from her much Stateside. I just read that she's got a new record out in Europe soon and that reminded me that I may not have told you about how great her tunes still are. Chappelle's Show allusions, Missy Elliot-esque video, dirty rhymes and a delicious sugar pop center makes "Konichiwa Bitches" another Robyn great and a 9 on my scale.

(Somehow blogggers went crazy about this track a year or two ago. I still can't explain it cuz none of them even mentioned "Do You Know.")

Robyn- Konichiwa Bitches (Alt Mix)

Robyn- Do You Know What It Takes (Dee's Full Mix Edit)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Young Pony Club

As usual, there's always the hot new thing. Some of them I still don't get (Justice is just everyone's fave now. I'm still "eh" on them.), and others I am much more on board with. With New Young Pony Club, I am on board.

It's not changing the world, but they get it. Catchy in the right spots, but just obtuse enough as well. Throw in some tasty remixes that actually sound better in a club than on headphones, and I am totally in. And of course, girls. I think, actually, that the fact that there are girls in the band makes it so they can be above the fray a bit in this scene. Why? Cuz girls know dance music requires that one bring the sexy. If you bring the bass and the sing along but leave out the sexy, you lose me, that's for sure. NYPC doesn't forget the sexy. C'mon and dip your dipper.

Herve kills it and NYPC are making noise. This remix gets a 9. Play it out loud.

New Young Pony Club- Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

I spend lots of time just randomly trolling websites, and downloading whatever sounds remotely interesting. I'll say for the most part the exercise is pretty fruitless. But sometimes I come across something I actually kinda dig. Such is the case with Blood Red Shoes.

Don't know too much about them yet, but every time I come across this song on the old ipod, I check to see who it is. A good sign. Seems they are a boy/girl duo from Brighton and they are on V2 in the UK. No record 'til January it seems, but for now, enjoy ADHD:

Blood Red Shoes- ADHD

So they sound like all the other bands trying to do "angular guitar," you say? Perhaps. But I actually think that they tend to lean a bit more towards the Wire school of things rather than the Gang of Four style, though. And of course a little feminine touch def makes it a bit unique. Then again I still love Elastica.

I'll try to hunt down some more tunes and see if it's worthwhile, but for now, ADHD gets a 7.

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