Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Fratellis

OK back to talking about bands other people are talking about. When I was in London last year the Fratellis CD was in all the listening posts at all the CD shops. I noticed it because of the cover. That's my kind of cover. I didn't hear much thereafter but sure enough, the new year is hear and folks have been abuzz with Fratellis talk. NY shows sold out too fast for me, so too bad.

You'll be hearing about them soon cuz their song is featured in the new iPod commercial. And oh how people love to figure out what song is in the iPod commercials. So now you can trump all of your friends when they ask. It's the Fratellis.

Now, I haven't seen them and I haven't heard the whole record, so I don't feel like I can really judge them yet. But I do like these songs a bit. I give them a 6.5 for fun, but they are not changing the fact that Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse will absolutely own 2007.

The Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger
The Fratellis- Henrietta

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Ok ok, I am very sorry to have neglected you for so long. I just needed some inspiration. Some may think I have a bit too much personal stuff wrapped up in lots of my choices. Too bad for them cuz I have another one for you.

Amerie is a f'in phenom. The weird thing is I actually went to Georgetown with her and had classes with her and had no idea she was this kind of talented. Now some might just see her as some R&B gal with a Beyonce thing going on, I actualy know a bit more about her and can therefore see a b it more happening here. Unlike most young artists (she's on her second LP), she has already established herself as not only a singer and dancer, but from what I can tell she is involved in almost all aspects of her career, from writing songs, co-directing videos, etc. She's too smart to be a marketing tool, which I really respect. And it's these things that make me think this girl could have a pretty long career. And she's extememly down to earth and very nice.

Now, add this jam to boot?! She had a few great cuts on her debut, but this one is such a booty shaker, I can just see kids around the world roller skating to it. It's fun to the nth degree. So enjoy. Oh and as you can see, she's also devestatingly beautiful.

UPDATE: Sorry forgot to rate this one... Um, doy, it gets a 10!

Amerie- Take Control

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Forgive me for the lack of posting. Been working and traveling lots, but hopefully I can focus some this week on getting some new tunes and getting back on track.

In the interim, have this acoustic BRMC track. They offered it as a Xmas treat on thier site. So in case you missed it:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- US Government (Alternate Version)

More stuff soon; I promise.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Roisin Murphy

For some reason, I have had trip hop on the brain of late. There seems to be an overwhleming sense of lament for the genre as I keep hearing people playing old trip hop tracks everwhere I go, yet the genre remains a time capsule and has basically died.

But that doesn't mean those folks aren't making good tunes. I recently ran across this track by Moloko's lead singer, Roisin Murphy, and was pleasantly surprised. It seems she released an LP this year, with Matthew Herbert at the production helm. Now I don't love everything Herbert does, but in this case he really makes something of Murphy's abilities. Instead of leaving her in the trip hop mold, Herbert's electro lounge style allows her quirkiness to really shine. In the vein of Goldfrapp, Murphy's voice really draws you in with sex, but the tunes also jerk and move enough to keep things interesting. Maybe the old trip hop guard does have a future.

I don't have Ruby Blue, but this track is fabulous. I give it an 8.

Roisin Murphy- Sow Into You

Oh and Happy New Year!

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