Friday, January 16, 2009

AEC Monthly Missive on The Tripwire

Just keeping you abreast of my writings... the latest AEC Monthly Missive has gone up at the Tripwire. Check it out for a quick catch up on what I have been digging, but expect more stuff here soon. Promise.

The All England Club's Monthly Missive- January 2009

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Friday, January 09, 2009

#10 for 2008- The Last Shadow Puppets

I have often lamented the lack of great film themes in the last 20 years. When's the last time you remembered a "theme" from a movie. There's no Close Encounters or Bridge On the River Kwai or even Midnight Express level theme music in movies anymore. The Last Shadow Puppets make movie music, sans the movies.

What makes the Last Shadow Puppets great is the fact that I could never have expected this from Alex Turner. As much as I love Arctic Monkeys, the only person I actually thought might be able to save the movie theme was Jack White (and he kinda failed in his 007 attempt). Instead, young Mr. Turner took a turn from his bratty rapscallion AM persona and created grandiose spacious themes instead of bombast. And he pulled it off. The Age of the Understatement is aloof, adult and smart with a sense of romance and wistfulness.

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Coming soon...

I am still lacking in the updates and all that. I have about seven new things to talk about, so I'll post those in the next few days, promise.

Included in those will be my top 10 for 2008. Instead of just listing them, I may do individual posts but the thing is, most of the stuff I loved in 2008, I already posted on here. So I will have to find new things to say about them and new songs to give you. So it may take a little time, but it will also make it a bit more worthwhile of a read.

So basically, you have lots to look forward to.