Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sons and Daughters

I woke up to some great news from Scotland... a new Sons and Daughters record is done and ready for release!

I love this band, as longtime readers will know. The descriptions on the Domino site, do give me pause though, as I prefer S&D in their full-on rockabilly speed demon twang, whereas the new record is described more like their slower more deliberate past exploits like Love the Cup and Repulsion Box. And the first sneak peek track, Silver Spell speaks to that. But the good news is that there are also other great descriptions of the new record that have me very interested. "Themes of fairytales, serial killers and witchcraft"? Yes! "If any film represents this record, it would be like Dario Argento’s Suspiria.” YES! I can't wait.

Check out and download Silver Spell at the Domino Records site.

Follow Sons And Daughters on twitter: @SnDloveYou

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of a new Glasvegas record. Honestly, I am still amazed that they raise so much vitriol from so many, as I thought the first record was a bonafide immediate classic. But I guess my taste is definitely not the norm, so a perfect record in my mind does not make a hit. Nevertheless, the Scottish 4-piece are back, with a new drummer and lead singer James has a new thing for white clothes. Strange and unexpected, but ok.

The newly record is called EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ and will be available digitally on April 5th. The first released track is entitled The World Is Yours. Of course with a sophomore release the band have the usual considerations... sound too similar and people get bored, but sound too different and risk losing your core supporters. With this first track, Glasvegas seem to have toed the line between both of those strategies pretty darn well. There is a sunnier disposition than past tracks and a surprise electronic edge, and the pace is picked up a bit, but the giant chorus and stadium sing along crescendo still prevail, with the usual dose of moodiness and melancholy. I take this as a good sign for the full record.

Download The World is Yours from RCRDLBL now.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Beady Eye

While listening to Beady Eye isn't a difficult task, passing judgement on it is. It's problematic because I want to avoid my preconceived notions about the members of the band and how that affects the actual songs. But it's impossible to do so. I want to divorce this music from all of the Oasis output that came before it and judge it on it's own merits, but there will always be that nagging feeling...

At it's worst and at it's best, Beady Eye sounds like a trip through the British music canon. In terms of song writing, melody and technical prowess, it's obvious that Same Gear, Still Speeding is a work created by consummate professionals. It's tight and punchy, and plenty catchy. There are some greater than yours singles with swooping moments of grandeur and the sing-along choruses to match.

Overall, though, and this goes very much to my personal taste and preferences, it lacks that killer instinct. It never veers into the red zone. Even with moments like "Four Letter Word," this is not a brick wall of rock and roll intensity. Perhaps it's simply that rock and roll is a young man's game, but vigor is the most glaring missing link here. Any vocal appearance by Liam Gallagher sans a snarl is a missed opportunity and there just aren't enough of those here. I understand that it's a mature record by mature musicians, but that change the fact that when it comes to rock and roll, I prefer mine louder, faster and angrier than than this.

But here's my quick read breakdown of every knee jerk angle re: the New Beady Eye that will come to your mind:

Q. Is Beady Eye better than Oasis?
A. No and that's a dumb question.

Q. Are the other members of Oasis better songwriters than Noel?
A. No, but there are some very very good songs on this record that rival plenty of Oasis' 00s output.

Q. Does it just sound like Oasis 2.0?
A. Not really. The instrumentation and production alone set Beady Eye apart from its predecessor. It's definitely a different sounding band.

Q. Does Beady Eye sound at all like Ride or Heavy Stereo?
A. If you ask that question then to your ears definitely not.

Q. Should I buy this record?
A. Yes. Contextually, this is one of the best rock and roll records out right now. It draws from everything from John Lennon (obviously) to The La's, The Who, Wings, Tarantula-era Ride, T. Rex, and of course the Beatles. It's well retro, but then again, isn't rock and roll?

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Arctic Monkeys

With great excitement and pleasure I present a new Arctic Monkeys song and video...