Friday, April 27, 2012


I don't honestly know tons about TOY. What I do know is as follows:

1. They are signed to Heavenly Recordings. That's a good sign.

2. They have released two 12" singles.

3. This was the first video I saw/song I heard:

4. This their official bio: TOY will release their debut album in September 2012. TOY is a Korg Delta led five-piece formed in 2010. It consists of Tom Dougall (Vox/Guitars), Dominic O’Dair (Guitars), Maxim Barron (Bass/Vox), Alejandra Diez (Synthesizers/Modulation) and Charlie Salvidge (Drums/Vox). TOY’s musical influences incorporate a wide range of genres including punk, psychedelia, krautrock, post rock to name a few and they explore experimental recording techniques in the studio.

5. Their full record won't be out until September.

6. While the first release sounded very much like the Horrors with a dash more shoegaze and a bit less goth, the new single sounds more like Teenage Fanclub. Winners on both counts I say.

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