Friday, April 23, 2010

Audio Bullys

I get very fed up with dance music very often. Deep in my heart I love it so, but in the real world, the music most people love/play/champion is simply not up to snuff. I think that compared to most genres, creating good dance/electronic music requires the most background and perspective of what has come before and what is really worthwhile. Of course it's all relative, but it's my blog so there.

I can't say I have had much enjoyment of many of the most recent trends (mash-up Brazilian baile funk, Baltimore house aka clown music, neo-"Daft Punk Live" rehash, etc.), so I have recently been losing faith again. But as with everything, as long as keep an open mind, something comes to save the day. In this case, it was the latest Audio Bullys. While this track could be rehash of 90s big beat, breaks, UK hip hop, etc., what I think really stands out about the track is the pacing and restraint. ABs seem to understand the perfect length of time between a chorus, a break and a drop. Instead of going for the jugular the entire time, the tracks builds and sways and still stays the course long enough to keep you interested. The tropes are there (the high pitch crescendo, the drop, the cut up breaks), but these guys know enough to put them in the right places and when to be coy. They get it.

Thank you Audio Bullys for making me want to dance again.

Audio Bullys- Only Man (Reset! Remix) at RCRDLBL

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Vote for me

Do a brother a favor and vote for me: Fred Perry "Your Stories"


Get Him to the Greek

Russell used to be my little anglophile secret. Then he blew up and I felt more and more like I had lost a prized treasure. But every time I watch the trailers for his new movie, I laugh.

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Monday, April 05, 2010


I have a penchant for all things Mancunian, so when I read that the BBC's number one band for 2010, Delphic, I was pretty sure I would be on the bandwagon soon. And I was right. Now I read that my pals at Dangerbird Records here in the US have signed them! So expect this record out in the US sometime this year for all of us to enjoy.

The immediate thoughts that spring to mind when listening to Acolyte are: late era New Order, late 90s Primal Scream with a softer touch, a more feminine and radio friendly Klaxons, Underworld with a penchant for radio more than the dancefloor, an androgynous and cold version of Depeche Mode's artier moments, These New Puritans without the art grant focus.

Reducing Delphic to peer comparisons, though, might make you think that they are just followers, which is not true. What makes their debut such a success is that it is at once reminiscent of past faves, but also sounds fresh. As with much of the stuff I post here, what I really love is that after two listens, you will find yourself humming these songs; it is instantly compelling. This record could easily be four to five singles deep. It is radio ready and could very easily catch fire. If there is any justice in the world, you will hear this music in commercials, movies, and in the real world.

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